• Project PureWaiK

The Opportunity Is At Your Feet

How amazing would it be to make a big difference with little effort. It's the ideal situation! PPWK will host 2-3 events per year but will also be able to do a clean ups at their favorite events throughout the year i.e. Texas Moomba/Supra Jam and Wake the World! Please stay tuned to learn find out where our teams will be and how you can help!

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When we started to look at how many areas are in need of clean up and how much work there is to be done...and the fact that mad-made waste is not slowing can be a bit overwhelming! Although

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A Dream Come True!

The time to make a change is now! We will bring people together and we will make a difference. And so...Project PureWaiK was born! This organization was created in order to spread awareness about p