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When we started to look at how many areas are in need of clean up and how much work there is to be done...and the fact that mad-made waste is not slowing can be a bit overwhelming! Although it may not seem like much, we know that every person who helps make a change is making a huge impact on our ocean pollution epidemic. We have chosen two areas where we can make the greatest impact. All river and lakes eventually flow into the ocean so if we can focus our efforts on the expected accumulation areas, we can prevent the waste items from ever reaching the Gulf.


Project PureWaiK is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which is committed to making a change to the pollution in our waterways by bringing awareness among like-minded water enthusiasts.  By providing a fun, family-friendly opportunity to get involved, together we can ensure our rivers and lakes stay clean and continue to thrive.


Kingwood, Texas

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